Into My Own

This is a poem I wrote a couple of years ago called "Into My Own."

Never wanted to say,
Now the words have faded away,
Like childhood memories,
All the things I needed to say.

We've been drifting apart
For so long
You didn't see it
Till I was long gone!

Now we're standing here,
No apologies strong enough,
No repentance heavy enough,
To mend these broken bridges.

We were never brave enough,
To admit we were wrong,
To admit we never belonged,
We never should have held on!

How can you know?
Of this ache inside my soul?
How can you see?
When I never let you near me?

How and why?
Are you drawing me down,
Into my own,
Into my own...

-AJ Sandhu


  1. This really speaks to me in so many ways. But mostly because some of my friends and I have been drifting apart. I love this poem. :)

  2. Thank you! I really love this poem. It's just always been one that I've been really proud to have written. I completely understand what you mean about friends drifting apart. It's sad, but sometimes you're better off for it.

  3. It really resonates. Friendships end for many reasons but some end just because they ran their course. You really have it on the mark A.K.